Your very own Cloud-Based Document Management System.

Setup a powerful Document Management System in minutes.

Documattic is designed to run in any of the Amazon Web Services environments available worldwide.
Your data in your own AWS environment.

Documattic was designed to be deployed to any one of Amazon's data centers worldwide.

Documattic addresses data sovereignty concerns and was designed for government, publicly listed entities, financial service providers, education and research organizations and all businesses who want to exercise their preference over the geographic location of their data.

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Documattic addresses data sovereignty concerns
 with region based clouds.
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The Documattic DMS can be securely hosted within your own AWS environment in the data center of your choice.

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
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Publish directly from Microsoft Office & Outlook.
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Native integration between your desktop and the Documattic cloud provides a powerful publishing and management experience.

Download the Office Plug-in.
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Download the Documattic Native Mobile App.

Powerful & intuitive document management at your finger tips.