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Connecting your Office with Documattic

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Documattic Common Questions

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Your data in your own AWS environment.

Documattic was designed to be deployed to any one of Amazon's data centers worldwide.

Documattic addresses data sovereignty concerns and was designed for government, publicly listed entities, financial service providers, education and research organizations and all businesses who want to exercise their preference over the geographic location of their data.

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  • Access documents across devices

    A beautiful DMS designed for mobile first.

  • Dedicated AWS environment

    Documattic can be hosted within your own dedicated AWS environment (when choosing the Cumulus & Enterprise plan).

  • Document Versioning

    Full document lifecycle with Check-Out & Check-In, plus document comparison features.

  • Drag & Drop Publishing

    Drag & drop document publishing from your desktop to your web browser.

  • Metadata Management

    Advanced metadata management enabling categorization & intuitive search.

  • Enterprise Search

    Search inside documents with keyword highlighting.

  • Document Sharing

    Engage & share documents with colleagues via email and direct link sharing of document information.

  • User Profiles

    Connect and follow other users through professional networking style profiles.