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A Document Management System for your Cloud

If your organization is looking to evolve from email and file servers to a version controlled document management solution, you will quickly find solutions designed for various budgets and needs. In most cases you will discover there are two key ways a document management system can be deployed for use within your organization; an on-premise solution for use within your own infrastructure, or a cloud-based DMS that resides on the infrastructure of the vendor providing the solution. People are now working in ways that make deploying software on-premise more difficult. We all wish to collaborate both internally and externally, access and publish content from mobile devices and involve third parties into our daily work flows. When software resides in the cloud, it greatly removes this friction and makes working with teams both internally and externally seamless.

Moving to the cloud and allowing the team to publish content to a cloud-based environment fosters ease of use and opens opportunities to develop greater collaboration opportunities. But how do you control what is published and to where? Most cloud-based DMS environments are managed and owned by third party entities where your content now complies with the laws of the country in which the data server is physically located. In the age of privacy protection and valid concerns over data sovereignty, having the choice to decide what geographical territory your cloud is located in and be able to control the virtual instance in which your content resides are the key motivations behind the development of Documattic.

Publishing corporate content to the cloud still requires organizations to consider privacy, information governance and security. Managing a cloud-based DMS like Documattic in your own cloud drastically reduces the risk associated with allowing a third party to manage these expectations in a transparent fashion. Owning and managing your own cloud in your preferred geographical location, and in which Documattic can reside, enables you to closely monitor and maintain a cloud-based DMS as part of your existing enterprise application stack.

 |  Posted in: Thought Leadership
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