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A Dropbox alternative when data sovereignty matters

We’ve been dropping our documents for almost a decade. This behavior is synonymous with our adoption for carefree cloud storage. We upload content to YouTube and Facebook, but nothing has permeated the digital workplace more than Dropbox.

But when you’re big business or government, how do you deal with the notion of freely dropping your intellectual property into a service located in a foreign country? Clearly there’s no issue if you’re located in the United States. But what’s the deal if you’re creating content in one of the other 195 countries on Earth and data sovereignty is top of mind for your organization? It’s no secret that when you choose any cloud service, you’re faced with the expectation of abiding by the laws of the country in which your content is physically located. Privacy is a major concern given than the country’s government in which your content is physically stored within can summons your data at any time, and for any reason.

The proliferation of region based Clouds now enable SaaS companies to provide localized services in which the customer’s data can be physically stored within their country of origin. While not all territories are covered today, the commoditization of hosting is accelerating the ability for localized services to be accessed by vendors wishing to deliver localized services for industry and government.

Cloud based Document Management Systems, like Documattic, enable business and government to operate their own document storage and management solutions which are secure, independent and region based. From a risk management perspective organizations both small and large need assurances that their data, which is fundamental to their operational existence, always remains accessible especially in times of crisis.

 |  Posted in: Thought Leadership
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