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Cloud solutions and Data Sovereignty

Cloud-based solutions provide obvious benefits to organizations. Not only through the simplification of resourcing and maintaining infrastructure – where this requirement is outsourced to the cloud provider – but the nature in which these users can access services from anywhere and in most cases using any type of device. It’s this ‘anywhere & anytime’ convenience that is driving acceptance and achieving adoption around the world.

Perhaps the greatest challenge with cloud computing has nothing to do with the end to end technical innovation that is required, but rather the regulatory compliance being overseen by each country’s government. In general, companies that capture and store data must abide by the laws of the country in which the data physically resides. Many of the valid concerns relate to enforcing privacy over data which is physically stored inside the geographical boundaries of a nation in which that country’s government can summons this data. And for the end users, it’s not only government agencies who are wary of a foreign government exercising its right to access this data, but for public companies and financial institutions who wish to leverage the benefits that cloud-based applications provide in managing and maintaining their customer’s information.

Perhaps the evolution of cloud-based applications, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is yet to come full cycle with regards to how these solutions are designed to operate within discrete clouds. Most SaaS products are inherently tied to a specific cloud architecture and have not been purposefully designed to be transportable to other clouds. While the business of SaaS is to achieve economies of scale by on boarding many customers using the one controlled environment, distributed software existed well before the cloud and for those customers who wish to have these applications deployed into their own clouds this surely represents an opportunity for both customer and vendor.

Documattic was purposefully designed to work in any type of commercially available cloud, in any location. As a multi-tenanted product, Documattic can scale from small to very large instances across multiple locations. 

 |  Posted in: Thought Leadership
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