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June 24, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, CMS

Connecting your Office with Documattic

Improving workflows across any organization can be realized through automating common tasks for team members. While the storage and management of your documents occurs externally through Documattic in the cloud, the process of work and creating content remains internal.

The Microsoft Office and Outlook integration for Documattic enables individuals and teams to work from within their Office and Outlook applications and connect seamlessly to the Documattic cloud service. The Office Plug-in is a native Windows application that provides the following three key interfaces.

Desktop Interface

Documattic provides a native Windows desktop app. The app enables users to work with Documattic, without the need to access the web client.


The desktop app will display all documents that you have permission to access within Documattic. Users can search, filter and check out documents directly from their desktop.


To automate document publishing, users can also drag and drop documents from their desktop directly onto folders within the desktop app. The result will be that the chosen documents will be published to the Documattic cloud.


Microsoft Office and Outlook Interface

Users can Check In and Check Out Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly from within their desktop Office environment.


Users can also configure the Office Plug-in to switch between alternative Documattic clouds, e.g. you may be working on documents within your organization’s Documattic cloud, and then choose to switch over to a clients Documattic cloud.


From within Outlook, users can check in emails and choose to push the entire email to Documattic, or pick which of the attachments associated with an email should be published into Documattic.


When choosing to check in an email, users can also apply metadata to automatically associate emails with particular folders inside Documattic. From within Outlook, users can also retrieve stored emails within Documattic and review them natively within Outlook.


Once you’ve created your Documattic account here, you can then download and install the Windows application from here.

June 24, 2016 |  Posted in: Apps, CMS
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