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Kill email collaboration and implement a cloud-based DMS

You create a document. You then attach it to an email. Following that you send it to ten people. You then receive a myriad of comments, proposed edits and unstructured feedback. Ultimately you create a pile of new work for yourself in the process. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many organizations, both small and very large, still manage the conversation around content via their inbox. Some of you have adopted Intranet platforms to help manage structure around this operational content, but most of us are still in the trenches dealing with the dreaded ‘attach and send’ scenario.

It’s not your fault. While your mobile phone is likely to be more powerful than your work PC, and checking your Facebook is more intuitive than the enterprise software you’re forced to work with, evolution within enterprise software just hasn't kept up with the experiences we take for granted when using consumer driven applications.

Working with enterprise software to manage content can also be troublesome if you’re hoping to collaborate with people outside of your organization. How do they access your secure environment? How is authentication managed? How are accounts recycled when the project is completed? How do we track versioning across different users from different domains? It’s a complex and challenging problem that causes friction in how efficiently organizations can operate.

Managing content in the cloud allows organizations to overcome many of these bottlenecks, and a cloud-based Document Management System provides the ability for users to access a federated repository from anywhere and at any time, and in some cases using any device. Solutions like Documattic also help to address valid concerns over data sovereignty, by allowing organizations to decide in which geographic location their content will be stored.

The opportunity to abandon ad-hoc document management using traditional email and adopt a cloud-based DMS is now apparent. Forces working against this migration are likely to be more cultural change rather than technological change.

 |  Posted in: Thought Leadership
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