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The way you work is changing forever

The sharing economy is not only disrupting traditional industries like transportation, hospitality and finance, but it’s demonstrating that cloud and mobile technologies are allowing new business models to work at scale. As these new forms of digital transformation shape our future as consumers, the network effect of these new engagement platforms is also reinventing the way we work. The future of work is fast becoming individuals creating and sharing content using multiple devices and working across multiple teams, independent of unique and secure enterprise networks.

Organizations are under enormous pressure to put the customer at the center of their operation. Understanding their needs, delivering on their expectations and thwarting their desires to cross over to the competition. Digital experience management requires organizations to ensure their legacy systems can meet the evolutionary requirements needed to embrace the new way in which people work and interact with their products or services. As the competition for talent increases, companies large and small will come to rely on an ever-increasing pool of free agent specialists. These people work remotely, across multiple teams and using multiple devices. In order to tap into this talent pool, organizations will need to be nimble in how they readily connect with the tools that govern these new methods of work; Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, tailored for mobile and operating independently from corporate authentication.

At the heart of this distributed collaboration is effective document management. Email is broken and communicating with free agents regarding confidential corporate strategy often means trusting someone at the end of a free email account. Tools like Slack go one step further in enabling secure conversation and sharing of content regarding projects, but there’s no hierarchical document structure within granular security, so managing hundreds o.r even thousands of people across a myriad of projects has obvious issues. A cloud based Document Management System is the cornerstone application in allowing organizations to find the sweet spot in working with free agents across multiple projects, domains and devices.

 |  Posted in: Thought Leadership
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