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Why the cloud is changing IT procurement

Since the dawn of the information age, organizations everywhere have relied on the IT department to identify, select and procure software to assist with operating the business. This is quickly changing. While the IT department wont disappear any time soon, its role and influence is changing largely due to cloud-based applications. The democratization of software and the ‘try before you buy’ delivery mechanisms inherent with SaaS applications are allowing anyone within the enterprise to search, discover, trial and purchase these products with a credit card to help scratch just about any itch. While this raises valid data sovereignty concerns concerning how staff are readily using these cloud-based applications, the approach reflects an upward trend in software acquisition long term.

Solutions covering HR, Payroll, Content Management, CRM and Marketing Automation are no longer relegated to long and drawn out procurement processes that can seemingly take eons and require dozens of people to evaluate and select a product. As more enterprise software vendors look to pivot their offerings into the cloud, the golden days of lengthy software procurement are quickly and efficiently being replaced with just-in-time solutions that can start with a few people in a small team and scale to thousands of users across an enterprise. The risk mitigation opportunities are obvious for the customer and the ability to start small and scale out as demand requires it also allows vendors to attract, retain and grow more meaningful customers over longer lifetimes of their product cycles.

Cloud-based content management services assisted in heralding the mass adoption of on demand software. The earliest forms of SaaS can be found in platforms like YouTube and Facebook and more recently with services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. All of these services and many others are readily used inside enterprises worldwide and have been onboarded by non-technical respresentatives who have multiple itches to scratch.

 |  Posted in: Thought Leadership
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